“The teachers have been absolutely fantastic I cannot praise them enough.”


“From my experience if there has ever been a technical issue a simple phone call to the school and the problem has been resolved. It has been much more straightforward and easy to use once all necessary apps were downloaded but this was due to being at home using Apple and school using google/windows. Would like to thank Katie’s teachers and Mrs McCaig for all help and hard work.”


“St Catherine’s is wonderful!”


“The work set is fun and easy to access.”


“Massive praise to all teachers and staff at the school who have been and still are working so hard to support our children, you guys are amazing! Thank you!”


“As a parent I’m so glad I can message the class teacher instead of having to phone the school. She has been really helpful and replies to any questions or queries straight away which helps so much. She doesn’t feel like she’s being left behind and is managing to keep up to date. My daughter enjoys getting the feed back from her too. I was really worried about having to home school again but the support both myself and Kacey gets from the class teacher has been truly amazing and we can’t thank her enough. Thank you!!!!”


“Thank you for your big effort and support. cheers.”


“The system in place is better than the first lock down and even though Riley has been at school through some of it; the support we have been given outside school has been incredible so thank you.”


“Google classroom is really well set up and I think it’s worked great for when children at home.”


“My teacher is brilliant.”


“Very happy for the help and support I have received for both my children. My children are attending school due to me being a key worker. And both of their teachers have been amazing. Thank you Miss Drewett, Miss Farrant, Mrs Norris and Miss Kelly. All the teachers and support staff are doing amazing.”


“She really enjoyed the live assembly. Some days getting her motivated is difficult as she gets fed up working alone. When the teachers give her feedback this really helps to motivate and encourage her to keep going.”


“Teachers are putting an amazing effort into the children .Massive thank you to all the staff for all the hard work you have and will continue to put in, you’re all fabulous.”