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Core Practice

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‘Here at pre-school, we do our core practice (mindfulness) three times a day during carpet times. We explain it to the children by saying that our brains get busy and go fast, so we are going to stop, take deep breaths and calm down. We close our eyes and take a short amount of time to breathe and relax, and say some positive affirmations-
“I am kind”
“I am happy”
“I am special”
“I will do the right thing”
“I will have a good day!”
The children really enjoy this time and staff have noticed a positive affect this has had to support the children when they are having an emotional moment- we take five to feel alive, breathing in as we trace up a finger and breathing out as we trace down a finger.-

Behaviour chart

Useful Information

At preschool all children start their day on the ‘happy sun’, and after a warning and staff guidance, if they continue to do the wrong thing they are moved to the ‘sad cloud’. We choose to use positive reinforcement and praise good behaviour. This behaviour strategy works well within preschool. More information can be found within the schools behaviour policy. This is not a mess, this is learning’

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This will not happen everyday!

While we do provide aprons for messy and paint activities, accidents do happen. We encourage your child to take pride and care in their clothing, giving them independence to make mistakes and explore how to correct them. Adults will be there to provide guidance and give prompts.