The Eco-Council team are made up of:

  • Stevenson – Sophie Pendleton, Jack Light
  • Newton – Jan Branecki, Ruby Bromfield
  • Edison – Dean Robinson, Zuzanna Kolarska
  • Da Vinci – TJ Hughes, Abigail Whittle
  • Brunel – Chester Stevenson, Ashleigh Porter
  • Darwin – Cleo Whitbread, Jayden Pickering


We wanted to be eco-councillors to:

  • Help look after the school and the things in it
  • Make it safer
  • Make it a better place
  • Reduce litter
  • Have more equipment in the playground, and reduce falling out
  • Go on trips


We have decided to work towards the Eco-Schools bronze award. Our first task will be to take part in Switch-Off Fortnight in November – watch this space!

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