Pre School

Welcome to our Pre-school page.

Here you can meet the staff who work in our pre-school and gain an overview of the topics the children are looking at.

At St. Catherine’s Pre-School we strive to ensure a caring and positive learning environment in which children are nurtured and safe. Children learn and play through planned experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable.

The work is planned around a central topic, so that all the work is linked. The majority of the children’s learning takes place through play-based activities. We firmly believe that children are much happier when they are ‘doing’ and they remember much more when they have actually found things out for themselves, rather than being told.

Our Blog will help you keep up to date with what we have been up to lately.

Mrs Gay
Pre School leader
Mrs Masters
Pre School assistant
Mrs Hart
Pre School Assistant
Miss Mitchell
Pre School leader

Pre School