Family Support


The interest, co-operation and support of parents is highly valued by

school staff at all times. We believe that the closer the partnership

 between home and school, the better it is for the children.

Helping children learn and make the best possible progress is our joint concern. If there is anything you do not understand or anything you can contribute, please do let us know.

We run courses (‘Family Learning’) to support parents and carers, details of which are published each term.

We welcome parents who wish to come and talk about their child’s day at school. However, if you would like a lengthier interview, it is best to make an appointment. Teachers will willingly advise or give guidance if parents would like help at any stage.

The school counsellor (Mrs. Julie Sandover), will happily provide  help and advice. If you would like to contact her please do so through the school office.

 Julie Sandover